About Us:

Hope in Action Network is a Community Based Organization (CBO) under the ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development Reg No MAK/A7227/2013/145.  The organization exists to support and advocate for menstrual health and education for women and girls in Kenya. HIA is committed to advancing the rights of women and girls through programmes that focus on menstruation management, sexual health and rights, HIV/AIDS, Feminine Hygiene, drugs & substance abuse, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Menstruation is often treated as a taboo topic and this limits women’s and adolescent girls’ access to relevant and important information about their bodies. It has been identified as one of the key barriers to girls’ school attendance. Accessibility to relevant and accurate  information allows women and girls to understand and manage their reproductive health and gradually lift stigma associated with menstruation. Effective menstrual management results in increased rates of school attendance among girls, lower instances of reproductive infection reduced teenage pregnancy.     HIA enables Adolescent girls to take control of the bodies in a healthy and effective way by focusing more on menstrual health and education for both in and out of school teenagers.

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