Nelly Lukale who is the founder of Hope in Action Network has championed the rights of women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa for over 10 years. Her advocacy has taken her to Europe, Asia, North America and across Africa. As a volunteer and beneficiary of Nomad charities and also the Volunteer Youth Leader at the YWCA (Kenya), Ms. Lukale  served as a key expert that led a multi talented team of young women researchers who worked on the review of SRHR indicators in 8 African countries generating a global south SRHR report: southern voices: Reclaiming and redefining the SRHR Agenda for 2015. During that time she also helped publish two fact sheets Reclaiming and redefining rights: setting the adolescent and young people’s SRHR agenda beyond icpd+20 and sexual reproductive health and rights for adolescents in Africa. Following her role at the YWCA (Kenya), she worked as the Program Associate at the World YWCA in Geneva, Switzerland. During this time, she designed programs for young women in Africa and represented the organization at various conferences, high-level meetings and summits.

she has played a key role in mobilizing and coordinating regional and global summits for young women and was part of the team that developed an empowering training module on leadership and capacity buidling for young women in africa as champions for SRHR and HIV. She once spearheaded an adolescent girl’s project at the YWCA Kenya which aimed at empowering adolescent girls in SRH issues, leadership and entrepreneurship through training.  

Safari Sarah meena is her name .Born on october 23 1993 in Nairobi . A firsborn and a daughter in a family of six.Attended Racecourse primary school followed by the trinity school then proceeded to The Alliance girls high school.On completion of high school education she joined The Nairobi university where she pursued her Bachelors Degree in Arts. Graduating with  a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Germanistics .Safari believes that we all have a purpose in life .We all have a calling, things that make our hearts and mind tick and inspire change in us, change in our community and the world and  Issues that provoke some kind of reaction in us .The question is are you ticking? are you enganging? are playing your part?Are you the change you want to see?It starts with you.And thats her message.Safari is a strong advocate of the girl child and women in the society that  its ok to be female and still be an engineer.Its ok to be you YOU is all you have to be.That your gender, race, nationality ,religion, beliefs, culture you name it does not make you less a humanbeing .Just embrace it .Safari being a global citizen is also fascinated with cultures and their uniqueness and the perspectives each culture holds .She believes even in the differences (of culture)we find similarities you just have to gain understanding. It is this attitude that gave her a volunteering oppurtunity with Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene8ZMÖ) in Germany for a year,She is a vibrant young and energetic lady  whose is just playing her part.The question is are you playing yours.

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